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SupporterBase Guides

About SupporterBase

SupporterBase is an online platform that is connected to your organizationā€™s database of supporters. It helps volunteer leaders communicate with local supporters, and coordinate group activities, to build grassroots power. SupporterBase is designed to be easy to use, removing the complexity you get with big databases. It enables volunteer leaders to call, text or email supporters in their group without using their phone credit or having to type out lots of phone numbers or email addresses. All the replies are in the one place, and everything can be recorded easily. Volunteer leaders can manage events using a public webpage for promotion, and keep track of RSVPs, attendees and new volunteers.

Why SupporterBase?

SupporterBase draws on the principles of ā€˜distributed organizingā€™, which seeks to grow and sustain campaigns and organizations through grassroots leadership. Distributed organizing recognises that the resources of professional organizers are finite, and that committed local volunteers have an extremely valuable contribution to make when it comes to mobilizing local support for an issue or organization, not least due to their intimate knowledge of and connection to their own local community.

Using SupporterBase

The user interface for SupporterBase is designed to be as simple and as self explanatory as possible - where you think that isnā€™t the case, let us know so we can improve!

However, if you have any questions about how the system works you can:

  1. Consult the documentation provided in this guide;
  2. Consult the FAQs drafted by your organization within the left-hand side navigation of the app (under ā€œHelpā€)
  3. Contact your organizationā€™s administrators;
  4. Contact us directly at